I have styled hundreds of commercials spanning my thirty-year career, working with a vast array of clients and commercial companies including Ridley Scott Associates, Joy, Outsider, Godman, Brave, Stink, Gorgeous, ASD Lionheart, Gerard De Thame, Tomboy, 2 am, Station Films, Home Corp, Smuggler, Knucklehead, Red Bee, Dark Energy, Black Label.

Below are two of my favourite commercials.


Set Decorators Craft the Visual Narrative For The Commercial

Every commercial is a story compressed into 30 seconds or a minute, seeking to convey a message as efficiently as possible. However, a commercial's effectiveness relies not just on the script, actors, and direction, but also on the environment in which the story unfolds. That's where set decorators come into play.

With their meticulous attention to detail, set decorators create the visual ambiance that instantaneously communicates the tone, era, and mood. Is the commercial set in a cosy home, a bustling city, or an abstract future? The set decorator will transport you there, enabling the audience to immediately understand the context without a spoken word.

Set Decorators Help Enhance The Brand Image

The elements selected by set decorators subtly reflect the brand's image and values. For example, a set for a luxury car commercial might feature sleek furniture and high-end accessories, subtly reinforcing the brand's premium status. A commercial for eco-friendly cleaning products might incorporate recycled materials and plants to emphasize environmental responsibility.

In short, set decorators can visually express the brand's message and philosophy, creating a richer, more nuanced narrative.

Set Decorators Help Drive Emotional Engagement

Advertisements aim to evoke emotions - joy, nostalgia, excitement, or even intrigue - which resonate with the audience. Set decorators use colors, textures, and props that stimulate these emotions. The cosiness of a living room in a furniture commercial, the thrill conveyed by a high-tech setup in a smartphone ad, or the calm suggested by a spa-like bathroom in a hygiene product commercial—all are conjured by the set decorator's craft.

Set Decorators Provide Visual Continuity

Consistency is key in any form of storytelling, and commercials are no exception. Set decorators work closely with the advertisement's directors and cinematographers to ensure visual continuity. Whether it's maintaining the look of recurring characters' environments across a series of commercials or ensuring that the visual elements align with the storyline, set decorators serve as the guardians of visual integrity.

Set Decorators Help Keep The Comercial Within Time and Budget

Set decorators are masters of working under tight schedules and budgets, often employing creative solutions to produce visually stunning sets that meet the project's financial constraints. They can repurpose and adapt existing materials, negotiate with vendors, and optimize logistics - all crucial factors in the fast-paced world of commercial production.

Set Decorators Are Key To A Successful Advertisement

The world of television advertising is more competitive than ever, and standing out requires a blend of creativity, strategy, and execution. Set decorators are the unsung heroes who elevate commercials from mere advertisements to impactful, memorable narratives. Their expertise enriches the storyline, amplifies the brand message, and captivates the audience - ultimately contributing to the commercial's success. The next time you find yourself engrossed in a 30-second story on your screen, remember the artistic ingenuity of set decorators that helped bring that vision to life.